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The Helpers (2012)

Seven friends from Sacramento, California all decide to go on a documented trip to Las Vegas. All seems fun until they hit a detour/road block. A couple hours of lost driving later, both of the back tires on the truck are blown out! After some moments of confusion and arguing, the gang comes up with the plan that all the girls will stay inside the truck while all the guys walk down the road to find HELP. A couple miles down the road, the guys find a little gas station Diner/Motel, run by the most friendly, polite and "helpful" people. The guys think they're in luck when they're offered HELP by the super friendly gas station attendant, who just happens to be great with cars. It appears that their problems are solved, but boy are they wrong! When convinced by "The Helpers" to stay overnight, the friends all wake up in their rooms to a new kind of gruesome and bloody terror! In another angle we can say, Seven friends on a road trip to Las Vegas break down near a rest-stop motel, where they encounter a seemingly helpful group of people. Convinced to stay overnight, the friends wake up in their rooms to a gruesome and bloody terror.

The Helpers (2012)

Movie Title: The Helpers (2012)
In Theaters: 28 September 2012
MPAA Rating: NR
Genres: Horror
Distributors: Brian & Barrett Pictures
Box Office Budget: $4,000,000 (estimated)
Director: Chris Stokes
Stars: Kristen Quintrall, Denyce Lawton and Christopher Jones
Original Music: Michael J. Leslie
Cinematography: Miko Dannels
Film Editing: Harvey White
Studio: Brian & Barrett Pictures
Country: USA
Language: English

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Produced by
Jason Charles ---- executive producer
Kevin Douglas ---- executive producer
Leslie Ezidore ---- executive producer
Chris Stokes ---- producer
Zeus Zamani ---- producer

Kristen Quintrall ---- Claire
Denyce Lawton ---- Brandy
Christopher Jones ---- Ryan
JoJo Wright ---- Phil
Rachel Sterling ---- Anna
Black Thomas ---- Jordan
Dustin Harnish ---- Todd
Cameron Diskin ---- Brad
Braxton Davis ---- Steve
Dallas Lovato ---- Norah
Rebecca Burchett ---- Chloe
Jacob Voelzke ---- Tired Driver
Trevor Sambrano ---- Jake
Ben Hardie ---- Matthew

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