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Grassroots (2012)

A short-tempered, unemployed music critic who likes to dress as a polar bear thinks he can harness the power of the people to ride the monorail to political victory in Seattle. And he?s right. Almost. It?s before Twitter, before the flash mob, before Obama. It?s 2001, and political unknown Grant Cogswell decides he must take down Seattle City Councilman Richard McIver. Grant has only one dream, but it?s a big one: an elegant monorail gliding silently above the city?s wet streets, with only a tiny footprint ? "like a kids? lemonade stand!" ? on the ground. He is apoplectic with rage over McIver?s mass transit proposal: a ground rail train he thinks will destroy lower class neighborhoods, wreak environmental harm on the local salmon population, and destroy the city. In another angle we can say, After losing his job, a journalist reluctantly agrees to help his oddball friend with his bid to earn a seat on the Seattle City Council.

Grassroots (2012)

Movie Title: Grassroots (2012)
In Theaters: June 22nd, 2012
MPAA Rating: Rated R for pervasive language and brief drug use
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Distributors: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Run Time: 1 Hr. 37 Min.
Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal
Writers: Stephen Gyllenhaal (screenplay), Justin Rhodes (screenplay), Phil Campbell (book)
Stars: Cobie Smulders, Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore
Original Music: Nick Urata
Cinematography: Sean Porter
Film Editing: Neil Mandelberg
Studio: Two Tall Boots, MRB Productions
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Seattle, Washington, USA

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Produced by
Matt R. Brady ---- producer
Phil Campbell ---- associate producer
Peggy Case ---- producer
Jane Charles ---- executive producer
Jim Charleston ---- line producer: second unit
Robin Gurland ---- co-producer
Michael Huffington ---- producer
Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal ---- co-producer
Neil Mandelberg ---- associate producer
John Misner ---- associate producer
Peggy Rajski ---- producer
Joe Shapiro ---- associate producer
Brent Stiefel ---- producer
Gary Allen Tucci ---- executive producer
Luke Watson ---- line producer

Cobie Smulders ---- Clair
Jason Biggs ---- Phil Campbell
Joel David Moore ---- Grant Cogswell
Christopher McDonald ---- Jim Tripp
Lauren Ambrose ---- Emily Bowen
Cedric the Entertainer ---- Richard McIver
Tom Arnold ---- Tommy
Todd Stashwick ---- Nick Ricochet
Emily Bergl ---- Theresa Glendon
Basil Harris ---- News Producer
D.C. Pierson ---- Wayne
Michael Nardelli ---- Willis
Russell Hodgkinson ---- Pernell Alden
Noah Harpster ---- Marvin
Todd Licea ---- Reporter #2

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