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Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Celeste and Jesse met in high school, married young and are growing apart. Now thirty, Celeste is the driven owner of her own media consulting firm, Jesse is once again unemployed and in no particular rush to do anything with his life. Celeste is convinced that divorcing Jesse is the right thing to do -- she is on her way up, he is on his way nowhere, and if they do it now instead of later, they can remain supportive friends. Jesse passively accepts this transition into friendship, even though he is still in love with her. As the reality of their separation sets in, Celeste slowly and painfully realizes she has been cavalier about their relationship, and her decision, which once seemed mature and progressive, now seems impulsive and selfish. But her timing with Jesse is less than fortuitous. While navigating the turbulent changes in their lives and in their hearts, these two learn that in order to truly love someone, you may have to let them go. In another angle we can say, A divorcing couple tries to maintain their friendship while they both pursue other people.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Movie Title: Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)
Also Known As: Celeste & Jesse, Celeste and Jesse
In Theaters: August 3rd, 2012
MPAA Rating: Rated R for language, sexual content and drug use
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Distributors: Sony Pictures Classics
Run Time: 1 Hr. 29 Min.
Director: Lee Toland Krieger
Writers: Rashida Jones (screenplay), Will McCormack (screenplay)
Stars: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg and Elijah Wood
Original Music: Zach Cowie, Sunny Levine
Cinematography: David Lanzenberg
Film Editing: Yana Gorskaya
Studio: Team Todd, Envision Media Arts, PalmStar Entertainment
Country: USA
Produced In: United States
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

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Produced by
David Buelow ---- co-producer
Sheri Davani ---- associate producer
Kevin Scott Frakes ---- executive producer
David Grace ---- co-producer
David Grace ---- line producer
Lee Nelson ---- producer
Raj Brinder Singh ---- co-executive producer
Noah Stahl ---- associate producer
Jennifer Todd ---- producer
Suzanne Todd ---- producer

Andy Samberg ---- Jesse
Elijah Wood
Emma Roberts ---- Riley
Rashida Jones ---- Celeste
Eric Christian Olsen ---- Tucker
Janel Parrish ---- Savannah
Ari Graynor ---- Beth
Rich Sommer ---- Max
Sarah Wright ---- Tera
Chris Messina ---- Paul
Chris D'Elia ---- Snow White
Rafi Gavron ---- Rupert Bates
Will McCormack ---- Skillz
Matthew Del Negro ---- Nick Moran
Joel Michaely ---- Edward
Lenny Jacobson ---- Peter Pan
Jason Antoon
Rebecca Dayan ---- Veronica
Jessica Joffe ---- Saleswoman
Philip Pavel ---- Larry
Zoë Hall ---- Waitress
Sun Jae Kim ---- Office Clerk
Ashli Dowling ---- Female Bartender
Jordan Berkow ---- Bridesmaid
Kate Krieger ---- Yogurt Girl
Sommer Fehmel ---- Fashion House Staff
Andreas Beckett ---- Sports anouncer
Patrick Pedraza ---- Pat
Louisa Kendrick ---- Celeste's Lawyer
Kimmie Johnson ---- Wedding Guest
Adam E. Anderson ---- Groomsman #3
Kaitlyn Bouchard ---- Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Jesse Dufault ---- Wedding Guest - Dancer (uncredited)
Cristina Moody ---- Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Susan T. Travers ---- Wedding Guest (uncredited)

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