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Iron Sky (2012)

German Nazis, after being defeated in 1945, fled to the Moon where they built a space fleet called "Götterdämmerung," and are now ready to conquer Earth. It is 2018. After they were discovered by an American space mission, they are convinced that their time has come. From then on, human fate rests on the shoulders of Renate Richter, a teacher with "Gretchen" hairdo who is convinced of the Nazi ideology. When she arrives back on earth, she realizes that she had fooled herself since several decades. Now she has to figure out how to stop her power-crazed fiance Klaus Adler and his "Götterdämmerung." In another angle we can say, The Nazis set up a secret base on the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018.

Iron Sky is a 2012 Finnish-German-Australian science-fiction comedy film directed by Timo Vuorensola. It tells the story of Nazi Germans who, after being defeated in 1945, fled to the Moon where they built a space fleet to return in 2018 and conquer Earth.
The film comes from the makers of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning and was produced by Tero Kaukomaa of Blind Spot Pictures. Samuli Torssonen was responsible for the computer generated effects of the film. The screenwriters were Johanna Sinisalo and Michael Kalesniko. The film was financed by Energia Productions, Blind Spot Pictures, New Holland Pictures, 27 Films production companies and numerous individual supporters, and was released to theaters in Finland, Germany and other European countries in April 2012.

Iron Sky (2012)

Movie Title: Iron Sky (2012)
Also Known As: Zeljezno nebo
Taglines: In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon. In 2018 They Are Coming Back.
In Theaters: 4 April 2012
MPAA Rating: NR
Genres: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Run Time: 1 Hr. 33 Min.
Distributors: Buena Vista International
Budget: €7,500,000 (estimated)
Gross: €96,272 (Austria) (8 April 2012)
Director: Timo Vuorensola
Writers: Johanna Sinisalo (original story), Jarmo Puskala (original concept), Michael Kalesniko (screenplay)
Stars: Julia Dietze, Udo Kier and Peta Sergeant
Original Music: Laibach
Cinematography: Mika Orasmaa(director of photography)
Film Editing: Suresh Ayyar
Studio: Blind Spot Pictures Oy, 27 Films Production, New Holland Pictures
Country: Finland, Germany, Australia
Language: English, German
Filming Locations: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Produced by
John Buckman ---- associate producer
Michael Cowan ---- executive producer
Oliver Damian ---- producer
Yuki Iwamoto ---- associate producer
Tero Kaukomaa ---- producer
San Fu Maltha ---- executive producer
Sean O'Kelly ---- executive producer
Cathy Overett ---- producer: Australia
Mark Overett ---- producer: Australia
Michael Stricker ---- line producer
Samuli Torssonen ---- producer

Julia Dietze ---- Renate Richter
Udo Kier ---- Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
Peta Sergeant ---- Vivian Wagner
Kym Jackson ---- McLennan
Götz Otto ---- Klaus Adler
Stephanie Paul ---- President of the United States
Christopher Kirby ---- James Washington
Monika Gossmann ---- Designer
Jim Knobeloch ---- Nazi Weapons Officer
Tilo Prückner ---- Doktor Richter
Tero Kaukomaa ---- Finnish Representative
Yuki Iwamoto ---- Japanese Representative
Nick Dong-Sik ---- North Korean Representative
Michael Cullen ---- Secretary of Defence
Jeffrey Coulas ---- English Representative

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