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Blue Ridge (2010)

Paranoid and unpredictable, J.T. (Eric Sweeney) lives a solitary life of used tires and decaying trailers. Despite his situation, J.T. wins the love of Sara (Audra Smith), an innocent young girl alone in the world after losing the last of her family. Together they naively plan for a new life at the beach, operating an old amusement park ride. However J.T.'s landlord, Mr. Johnston (Sean Gullette), has other plans for him. He wants to keep J.T. tied to the dying trailer park and under his control, hoping to convince him to join his bizarre lifestyle. As pressure builds on J.T. to face his fear of change and of the outside world, Sara holds onto the hope that they can push forward together and live out their dream.

Blue Ridge (2010)

Movie Title: Blue Ridge (2010)
Taglines: A rural tale of love and hate.
In Theaters: February 27, 2010 (coming soon new release)
MPAA Rating: NR
Genres: Drama
Run Time: 1 Hr. 30 Min.
Distributors: Introverted Films LLC
Box Office: Budget $1,200,000
Director: Vince Sweeney
Writer: Vince Sweeney
Stars: Sean Gullette, Eric Sweeney and Audra Glyn Smith
Original Music: Andrew Barkan
Cinematography: John Paul Clark, Jayson Crothers
Studio: Rural Films
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Roanoke, Virginia, USA

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Produced by
Kerry Finlayson ---- executive producer
Andrew Mullin ---- associate producer
Todd Slater ---- executive producer
Vince Sweeney ---- producer

Sean Gullette ---- Mr. Johnston
Eric Sweeney ---- J.T.
Audra Glyn Smith ---- Sara
Beverly Amsler ---- Female Cop
Andrew Arico ---- Mr. Moore
Paul F Collins ---- Adam
Anthony Dooley Jr. ---- Naked Male Prostitute
Marlow Ferguson ---- Mr. Stanley
Taylor August Freeman ---- Brad
Jessica Gardner ---- Waitress
Carmella Gioio ---- Angel
Camille Hodges ---- Tall woman
Mike Johnson ---- African American man
Bo Keister ---- Kyle
Curtis Lauterbach ---- Man with electric throat
Hans David Moore ---- Kit
Jean-Paul Pare ---- Mr. Gruber
James Norman Poff ---- Jimmy
John R. Price II ---- Knife salesman
Ellie St. John ---- Mrs. Johnston
Scott Strasbaugh ---- Store Clerk
Denise Sweeney ---- Cashier
Abby Temeles ---- Danielle

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