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General Education (2012)

Levi is set to go to the local university on a tennis scholarship but he forgot to tell his parents one thing - he didn't graduate.He must pass summer school behind their backs before his scholarship is revoked. For his entire life, street-wise and charismatic Levi Collins has been pressured to become the tennis player his father always wanted. He has been accepted to Forestwood Univeristy on a full ride scholarship, but after learning that he didn't graduate high school - he must take summer school and receive his missing credit.As the summer flies by, Levi learns that he no longer wants to play tennis. With an alcoholic mother a heartbroken brother, and an adolescent sister, Levi can only confront his father to truly resolve his issues and get the education he wants.

General Education (2012)

Movie Title: General Education (2012)
In Theaters: August 24th, 2012
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for sex references and a drug-related gesture
Genres: Comedy
Distributors: Pelican House Productions, Well Go USA
Run Time: 1 Hr. 34 Min.
Director: Tom Morris
Writers: Tom Morris, Elliot Feld, Jaz Kalkat
Stars: Chris Sheffield, Maiara Walsh and Sam Ayers
Original Music: T.J. Hill, Jesse Pruett
Cinematography: Brooks Ludwick
Film Editing: Tyler MacIntyre
Studio: Pelican House Productions
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Chico, California, USA

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Produced by
Elliot Feld ---- producer
Jennifer Glynn ---- line producer
Jaz Kalkat ---- producer
Kevin Liang ---- producer
Kevin Matusow ---- executive producer
Tom Morris ---- producer

Chris Sheffield ---- Levi Collins
Maiara Walsh ---- Katie
Sam Ayers ---- Samson
Skylan Brooks ---- Charles
Bobby Campo ---- Brian Collins
Seth Cassell ---- Shady Nick
Federico Dordei ---- Samuel Goldstein
Janeane Garofalo ---- Gale Collins
Harvey Guillen ---- Andy
Stacy Hall ---- Officer Bob
Elaine Hendrix ---- Ms. Bradford
Tom Maden ---- Chad
Mercedes Masöhn ---- Bebe
Susan McCarthy ---- Principle Lynch
Larry Miller ---- Rich Collins
McKaley Miller ---- Emily Collins
Jesse Pruett ---- Creepy donut Buck
Sean Przano ---- Dan
Todd Quillen ---- Donald
Kerry Rhodes ---- Daryl
Sam Tiger ---- Veggie Oil Vic
Peter S. Williams ---- Opie
Jimmy Wong ---- Bo Chang

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